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Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

  • 189 reviews
  • Stock Levels: Low

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

  • 189 reviews
  • Stock Levels: Low

The health properties of apple cider vinegar without the nasty smell or funky taste. Crush your cravings and supercharge your digestive health in just two delicious chews a day.

  • Apple Vinegar
    500 mg
  • Ginger Dry
    2 mg
  • Extra Strength
  • Supports a healthy natural appetite
  • Optimizes overall metabolic rate
  • Boosts natural weight management
  • Supercharges all-day energy levels
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As Seen In

Zuzili Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies All The Nutrition.
None Of The Face-Contorting Taste.

Seriously, who drinks vinegar? Or pours enough vinaigrette on their salad to get the ACV we need for digestive health, appetite suppression, and gut health? Nobody! But now there’s help. Zuzili Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are formulated to deliver all the health properties without the unpleasant odor or taste of vinegar. With 500mg of ACV in every fruity chew, these gummies are your path to nutrition without the stink or the yuck.

  • Easily digested & absorbed by the body
  • Includes vitamins, antioxidants & trace minerals
  • Super convenient to use & 100% delicious

Benefits Of
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Appetite Suppression &
Weight Management

ACV contains acetic acid & enzymes that can help reduce your appetite & food cravings. Apple Cider Vinegar has shown a higher control of weight management based on those tho take ACV compared to those who do not.

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Gut Health Boost &
Better Digestion

ACV contains various probiotic strains that help regulate health digestion, reduce bloating & aids with good gut health. Combined with a healthy diet, ACV supplementation can help with long-term weight loss.

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All-Day Energy &
Better Performance

Apple Cider Vinegar helps convert the food you eat into "sustainable cellular energy" which supports all-day mental clarity, motivation & vitality without sudden crashes that are common with sugary energy drinks.

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The Science Behind Zuzili
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Matrix

  • Superfood Ingredient 1

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    The health benefits of apple cider vinegar have been documented by reputable scientific journals. These include: supporting healthy weight, managing blood pressure, catalyzing digestive health, and boosting energy levels and focus.

  • Superfood Ingredient 2

    Ginger Extract

    Ginger helps support the hormone - leptin - which is known to suppress appetite naturally while supporting thermogenic fat burn.

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Safe. Easy. Effective.

Take Two A Day.
Up to 3 Times Daily.

  • Open

    Just unscrew the cap & pop in the delicious ACV gummies.

  • Take

    Take 2 gummies (1 serving) anytime of the day for daily health support.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the health benefits everyday, without the funky taste & smell!

*Do not exceed recommended dosage.

A Wallop Of Wellness
In A Fountain Of Flavor

  • Superfood
  • Tastes
  • Take It
  • Gelatin &
    Gluten Free
  • No Side
  • 3rd Party
    Lab Tested
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See What
Zuzili Customers Think

Verified Buyer

“These taste sooooo good. So glad that I don’t have to drink ACV anymore which definitely hurts the enamel. Also already feeling the effect soon after taking it.”

- Jessica Montoya

Verified Buyer

“Just started my second bottle and I can say that these definitely CURB MY APPETITE. Since the end of September I have changed how I eat and started these gummies in November - I'm down at least 10lbs (since Sept). Obviously IT'S NOT ALL FROM THESE GUMMIES, BUT THEY DEFINITELY HELP. ”

- Brenda Washington

Verified Buyer

“DELICIOUS. This is the best ACV product I have tried by a landslide. The taste is awesome in where you know there is Acv there but no bad aftertaste or hurt the stomach. I have had pills where there is no way of knowing if there is Acv or just dust in the capsule. You will not get acid burn or any overpowering taste. It has definitely helped curb my appetite and helped with digestion.”

- Maureen Pike

Verified Buyer

“I love this product. It has helped me during the process with my KETO diet. I am the ultimate skeptic when it comes to magic diet pills, having tried too many that had no effect. I was told about this product by a co-worker and decided to give it a try. After only 6 days of keto and taking this as recommended I have shaved off 8.5 lbs. Before on just the Keto diet I did not have any energy in the afternoon and evening. This supplement has changed that drastically.”

- Tracey Harris

Verified Buyer

“This is some great stuff! Let me first start by saying they REALLY are yummy. I usually don’t like gummy supplements because they taste and feel so gross. These gummies taste like fruit snacks; no after taste at all. I don’t even mind taking them. They absolutely killed my appetite, making fasting much easier. So these are definitely worth a try especially for weight loss.”

- Christina Strong

Verified Buyer

“The gummies are delicious to me! Great flavor, easy to swallow, and my digestive system feels amazing. I have only been taking them for three days and so far, so good. I hope for them to “assist” in my weight loss challenge. I’m decreasing my carbs, exercising, and eating better. I will follow up in a month with the weight loss portion. People should follow the directions and ONLY take two a day. Too much of ANYTHING is never good for you!”

- Kayleigh Wyant

The Gift of Wellness
Zuzili In The Community

Your purchase matters twice because Zuzili believes in giving back. You’ll get healthier, and so will the children we support. A portion of every sale of Zuzili gummies is given directly to the world’s oldest and most respected children’s charity: Save the Children. This prolific global organization helps save the world’s 2.3 billion children from hunger and malnutrition. Today, working in more than 100 countries, Save the Children does whatever it takes to give children safety, a healthy start in life, and the opportunity to learn. Your purchase helps.

More Information
Frequently Asked Questions


For hundreds of years, people have used apple cider vinegar as a health supplement in both diet and medicines. Zuzili ACV gummies bring you those health benefits without the pungent smell or taste of vinegar.

Mounting evidence suggest that ACV carries a multitude of health benefits including reducing cholesterol, catalyzing weight loss, and lowering blood sugar. The ingredients in apple cider vinegar help to optimize your metabolic rate which suppresses appetite while boosting energy levels.


Each nutrient packed Zuzili ACV Superfood gummy contains 2.5 grams of pure cane sugar, about the amount in a single stick of chewing gum. Zuzili contains no synthetic chemical sweeteners.


Zuzili ACV gummies also deliver 2mg of ginger extract with many health properties of its own. In addition to boosting the digestive health and weight management properties of ACV, ginger also supports joint health, relieves menstrual pain, and helps lower cholesterol.


All Zuzili superfood gummies are made without caffeine.


Zuzili superfood gummies can be taken at any time of the day. Take them before a meal or in between as a snack. Zuzili gummies are known for superior absorption by the body and may be taken whenever most convenient for you.


All Zuzili superfood gummies are gluten-free.


The entire lineup of great-tasting Zuzili superfood gummies are made without gelatin.


Take two ACV gummies per day whenever convenient – before a meal or in between meals as a snack. Zuzili superfood gummies may be taken with or without food.
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